Staying Focused Among the Chaos

There is so much chaos all around us! From ISIS, to government, business, sports, and many other venues, many if not all seem to be spiraling out of control. In a world that has gone obscene, you and I need to focus on what really matters!

You may ask, what really does matter? The answer is simple: are you fulfilling what your Divine destiny is? You may say, what is that? And I would say, you are on this planet for a purpose! You are valuable! You are unique! The world needs you, but more important His Kingdom needs you.

You may say, but I am too old, or I am too young. No excuse will do. For He has made you in His likeness and image. You have been wonderfully anointed by Him to do a work here in the earth. It is your time, this is your season, the world awaits you!

Decide today to follow Him and let Him show you the most exciting and fulfilling life in the world! His plan for your life is a great! It is full of adventure and faith!  Say yes and launch out! You can do this!!!!!!


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