Arrived in New Jersey

October 13, 2015

Dear Partner,

My heart is so full of gratitude, thankfulness, love, excitement, and compassion to our God! He has been and currently is so good to us! I am believing that you too are experiencing His amazing grace, health, and provision in your life! We serve an awesome God!

We Have Moved!

After having our house in Tulsa on the market for almost a year, it has sold! We give God all of the glory! Not only has the house sold, we are now living in our Shore House in NJ! Us and our two golden retrievers, Summer (14 yrs old) and Spencer (9 yrs old), arrived here in Lavallette last Friday night!

This journey started three years ago, on 9/2/12 when God first starting speaking to me about a new assignment, which included moving to NJ and reaching the people in NJ, NYC, and up and down the Eastern Seaboard! He told me that NYC would be our mission field.

In the Midwest, 80% of the people believe in God! Here in this area, 80% would tell you they do not believe in God! People here have told me, they do not have time for God, that their schedule does not permit it.

So we have transitioned to a completely different culture! When I look back at all the words God has spoken to me and Kim since 9/2/12, it now is 7106 words, in an 18 page Word document. There is not one contradiction in the entire document.

In 1982, in Colby, KS (college baseball coach), at the half way point in a 4 mile run, I had an open vision and the audible word of God came to me. In the last part of that vision, I saw a church with the Glory of God hitting it, people coming in and out on all 4 sides of the church, and knew someday I would pastor that church.

Well, that time has now come! We have now been positioned by our God, to start reaching people with the message that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8). We are about to see the salvation, healing, deliverance, and restoration of our God to the people in this area. Glory!

God is a God of Steps

On 12/31/12 the Lord spoke to me that He was a God of steps and that He would show me one step at a time. On 7/16/14 I heard the Lord say to me, moving to NJ will open the doors for you. Well, we are here and have taken the first step. We now are expecting doors to open supernaturally for us, starting now!

Recently, the Lord showed me 2 steps we were to take immediately:

  • Move to NJ-done!
  • Start Prayer Meetings in NYC for NYC
  • We are now seeking God about the location of where He wants us to start these Prayer Meetings! Prayer paves the way for the will of God! Nothing happens unless someone prays! Miracles, fulfillment of God’s will, supernatural power, only come from prayer and spending time seeking Him. Agree with us, that we continue to hear His voice correctly, are led by His Spirit, and obey His will for our life!

God’s Dreams & Visions Come True

We know from the Word of God, that His dreams and visions are for an appointed time. Our appointed time has now come! With it comes the protection, provision, health, empowerment to do what He has commanded. We are so humbled that He would give us this empowerment to reach the people in NYC.

We have not come here with a large bank account! We have not come here with anyone person promising to give us anything! We have come in faith, believing God’s Word to us, and know that what He said will happen in our lives and in the lives of the people we will minister to. God’s dream burns in our hearts, in our minds, and in our spirits.

As we step out in faith, we can see the faces of the people and the cries of their hearts. We are here to change these people’s eternity, and see the power of God touch them in a powerful way! Will you help us reach them?

Ministry Update

We had a great service in Muskogee, OK a few Sunday nights ago. We were honored our dear friends, Pastor Rick & Angela Stevens asked us to speak at their new church, Christian Chapel. The Spirit of God really showed up in a big way, as we watched Him change the lives of those who were present.

Our last Sunday in Tulsa, we ministered in Catoosa at the Rock House Church for Pastor LaVonna Ashlock. We love this church and had another Holy Ghost encounter with God! He is so good!

God’s Will for Your Life

Let our testimony of our journey encourage you. Whatever God has spoken to you will come to pass. Step out in faith when He tells you to. Be willing to do whatever He says. And then do whatever He says, when He says it is time to step out. Your obedience will bring His supernatural empowerment as you obey Him.

There is no greater fulfillment, than knowing you are doing exactly what God has said for you to do. Let your heart be full and your life rich as you obey God! Not only will you be blessed, but Heaven will be changed forever as you touch the lives of people God has ordained for you to bless! It may take some time, but do not give up! What He has spoken will happen! We waited for over 3 years before we were released to move to NJ. We experienced a lot of adversity along the way…..BUT GOD! He always came through for us. He will come through for you as well.

Is something burning in your heart to do with and for God? Keep believing, keep seeking, keep knocking, keep pressing in, and watch your God bring it to pass!     If God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, then we will see Him save, deliver, restore, and heal His people. So being praying for these meetings and services to be full of His life.  We are expecting God’s healing power to show up at every meeting and service!

God has spoken to us to have meetings and services that are full of His presence! We are going to fully embrace the moving of the Holy Ghost and expect God to confirm His Word with signs, wonders, and miracles. We will not back off of this in order to draw more people! Our meetings will not be goofy or weird. They will be set in an atmosphere, which will be conducive to seeing people healed in their spirit, soul, and bodies!

The attacks were so numerous, it became obvious to us, that the enemy does not want us here! He does not want us reaching the people of NYC! We know no weapon formed against us will prosper. Now as we press into going into NYC, we need your prayers! As He prompts you, pray and pray in the direction He leads you for us.

Will You Stand with Us?

To accomplish God’s will in NYC, we need your help! Number one, now more than ever, we need your prayers! Many of you have been praying for us, and those prayers enabled us to conquer every attack the enemy has thrown at us. In each attack, because of your prayers, God’s grace always showed up, and put us over.

 Number two, we need your financial assistance. We are still believing for the cost of the move here to NJ to be provided. That cost is $11,988.42 (includes transporting all our belongings, storage, and insurance). We have had some seed already planted towards this, but we are believing God for this expense to be met in its entirety outside of our normal budget. Nothing is too hard for our God!

Knowing that we will be having meetings and services in NYC soon, we are believing for the finances to conduct these meetings. Rental space, sound equipment, radio advertising, are just a few of the costs associated with us getting started. We will not borrow money, we are a debt free ministry and will always stay that way. So if God puts any of these expenses on your heart to help us, please obey Him. These monies will enable us to win souls and change lives! Please pray and ask God if you are to help us financially. If you are, please give whatever He tells you! Your obedience to Him will bring you a great harvest!

By you helping us to move, by you helping us with the expenses of these future meetings, you are saying to us, we believe in you, we want to help you reach the people of NJ/NYC, we want to see NYC saved and becoming a city where Jesus is Lord!Would you please stand with us?

We appreciate you and your love for God, as well as your love for us! We are answering God’s call on our lives and we need your help! Thank you in advance for your consideration in planting a financial seed into our lives .You can give by sending a check, made payable to Jere Peterson Ministries, to: Jere Peterson, PO Box 15, Lavallette, NJ 08735.

You can also give on our secure website at: and I thank you for your prayers and financial support! We are believing God to bless you beyond anything you can imagine for supporting us!

We love you, pray for you, and appreciate you standing with us! As we are now in NJ, making preparations to start prayer meetings in NYC, we thank you for all you are doing to help us in reaching these precious people! Thank you!

Blessings to our friends,

Jere & Kim                                                                

Jere & Kim Peterson


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