God Wants You Well

Let me encourage you today, God is on your side! No matter what you are facing, no matter how big the giant, God is bringing you the victory your life needs today! Do not quit, do not give up! If God is for you, who can be against you!

We serve a big, loving, giving God who wants the very best for you. When difficult times come, and they will come, He will navigate you through the obstacles and bring you out in a way that exalts Him and frees you!

God Wants You Well

Today, let me share a word with you that is burning inside of me for you, and that word is God wants you well! He wants you well in your body, in your soul (mind, intellect, emotions), and in your spirit. He also wants you well in your finances, in relationships, and in all the other areas in your life!

If you know God wants you well, then you are half way to being well. All you need to do is BELIEVE! When you believe the Word of God and the Spirit of God, then you are obeying Him! When you obey Him, He helps you be well in every area of your life, and especially in the area you are believing Him for.

God has made it easy for us to be well. He has provided for the well-being of our lives through the life, burial, and resurrection of His Son, Jesus. Through Jesus, we have access to everything we need to live a victorious life.

Well in Your Body

Lately, I have been preaching on how easy it is to be healed in your body! It is not hard to be healed. Jesus made it easy to be healed. I have found in my life time, that most Christians are not healed supernaturally because they are either waiting on God to heal them, or they think if they get around some anointed minister, then maybe their anointing will come off of them and onto to their body to heal them.

In most cases it never does happen, because there is little or no faith in those methods. Because, God has already provided the healing they need; He is not going to doing anything else to heal them. God only responds to faith, and faith with corresponding actions is what it takes to be healed.

I have heard ministers say, “receive your healing,” as if there is something the person does not have, that they need to receive from God in order to be healed! “Receive your healing” sounds Biblical, and even sounds Spiritual, but I cannot find one place in the Bible that says that. Jesus did say over and over again, go your way, your faith has made you whole. But he never said, receive your healing. Why? Because He understood that when faith puts a demand on the anointing of God, then the anointing of God must respond! When your faith puts a demand on the power of God to be healed, then God must respond, to answer that faith.

Remember what Jesus said in John 14:10….”but the Father that dwells in me, he doeth the works.” In other words Jesus said, I am not the one healing you, but my Father in me is the one who is healing you.

Jesus also reminded us that He and the Father are one. So if the Father lives in Jesus, and He is doing the works, then we must find a way to the Father. The great thing is, we have access to the Father through Jesus!

Colossians 2:9 says, “For in Him, dwells all the fullness of the Godhead bodily.” That means that in Jesus is the fullness of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost.” If you are a Christian, this means, that inside of you is the fullness of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost through Christ. If the Father is the one healing through Jesus and Jesus lives in you, then you have the power to be healed already, on the inside of you, in Jesus! Wow!!

Just like God made it easy to be saved, He has made it easy to be healed! Getting saved was easy, all you had to do, was believe in your heart and speak with your mouth, that Jesus was raised from the dead for the forgiveness of your sins, and once you believed that, He came in to your spirit, and gave you His Spirit. He then kicked out the old sinful nature you were born with. In other words, He transformed you form the inside out!

You can be healed just as easy. The Healer lives on the inside of you through Christ! All you have to do is believe, it is that easy! Believe that it is by His stripes that you are healed. Believe that as believers lay their hands on you, you are healed. Believe the power of God to heal, is already inside of you, in Christ, and all you have to do to activate that power, is believe!

For unbelievers, all they need to do is believe that God the Father lives in Jesus and Jesus will heal them now if they will only believe! Sometimes it is easier to get unbelievers healed because they simply believe the Word of God!

What are you believing for today? Simply believe God will heal you now, and activate His power by believing His Word, and watch the power of God heal your body, heal your emotions, and heal your spirit! It is time for you to walk a life of being well, all the time, giving glory to your God through His Son, Jesus Christ!

Ministry Update

We just got back to NJ from our recent ministry trip to Minnesota and Oklahoma. We had a tremendous time with our friend, Pastor Greg Warner, Life Family Church in N Mankato, MN. We saw a tremendous move of God’s Spirit and His healing power as He healed several people in their bodies. We also got to spend several days with my son and his wife and our two wonderful granddaughters. We had so much fun.

Next we stopped in Olathe, KS and saw my in-laws for a wonderful visit and some great food. It had been a while since I last saw them. Kim and I really enjoyed our time with them, and catching up.

From there we traveled to Oklahoma, stayed with some great friends in Broken Arrow. We preached for Apostle Ron Venters, Christ Kingdom Builders Church, and saw another great move of the healing power of God.

Our travels took us to Ponca City where we got to spend several days with my daughter, her husband and our two grandsons. What a joy that was as Landon and Jace have really grown up.

The next stop was Chelsea, OK where we preached for our great friends, Pastors Garry & Reba Wilson, at the Sanctuary Church. Again, we saw God’s healing power show up in a very strong way.

We then went back to Tulsa and attended The Fire for the Nations Conference, hosted by Pastors Mark & Janet Brazee. The conference was tremendous, as we were refreshed and more determined than ever in our assignment in NYC. The minister’s meetings were wonderful as well. We also attended a Minister’s Luncheon at Victory Christian Center and were able to say hello to Pastor Paul, Pastor Sharon, and so many friends we have known for a number of years. It was a lot of fun.

Next it was back to Ponca City for some more fun with Landon and Jace. We also enjoyed Christine and Cameron, but the grandsons stole the show. Though Christine and I had fun playing pool and throwing darts.

Last Sunday we preached in the morning for Pastors David & Francie Markham at New Life, in Wilburton, OK. Again, we saw many people healed and delivered by the power of God! God is so good!

Sunday night, we were with our wonderful friends, Pastors Rick & Angela Stevens, Christian Chapel, in Muskogee, OK. Another great service where the power of God came down to heal, deliver, and restore His people. We give God all the praise and honor for all the salvations, rededications, healings, restorations, and encouraging He did in touching His people with His Word, His Spirit, and His power. Glory to God!


We are still believing for more prayer warriors to join us. If that is you, then please email us to let us know, you are covering us with prayer at: jpm@jerepetersonministries.com. We appreciate every prayer you make on our behalf to God.

If the Spirit of God is nudging your heart to get involved with us as a financial partner, we would really appreciate hearing from you. You can mail your check made payable to: Jere Peterson Ministries, PO Box 15, Lavallette, NJ 08735. One time gifts as well as monthly gifts are needed as we continue in our assignment to reaching the people of NYC, the nation, and the world!

You can also give on our secure website at: www.jerepetersonmnistries.com. Thank you for standing with us as we reach out and touch those people He has assigned us to! Your giving makes it possible for us to change people’s lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

And a big thank you to all of our current prayer and financial partners. We love and appreciate you, and are so thankful for you involvement in our lives and ministry. May God continue to bless you for blessing us!

Upcoming Ministry Schedule

Thursday, August 18th & 25th             Staten Island Prophetic Prayer & Healing Services-Hampton Inn & Suites, 1120 South Ave, Staten Island NY 7:25 pm


Reaching NYC and the World with you,

Jere & Kim Peterson



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