God is Exposing America’s Heart

October 18, 2016

When I write to you next month, we will have elected a new President of the United States of America! The United States today is anything but united! There are so many divisions within our nation! We need to be healed as a nation and no political party can do that! But God can! We need Him to sweep across our nation and heal our land!

 God is Exposing America’s Heart

While sitting in church this past Sunday I heard these words, “In this Presidential Election I am exposing the heart of America. America’s heart is not a pretty thing to look at. Your nation’s heart is dirty. And even My Body is dirty! Most Christians have some area of their lives that are off limits to me. This must change! How can the world be won when it sees My people looking and acting like them?”

A few days earlier I heard Him say, “There is coming a move of My Spirit to America. Prepare and look for it. I am desiring the heart of your nation. As you turn to me, I will turn to you. Come to me, let us work together and reach the people My heart cries out for.”

Even I few days before that I heard God say, “There is coming a day of reckoning for your nation. Pray for My grace and mercy to be poured out, so that the day of reckoning can be dissolved.”

And today I heard Him say, “People are going to have to decide are they for and with me? The battles are waging and the war is about to escalate between light and darkness. Decide today who you will belong to.”

Wow, God Loves America

When I look at all of these words from God collectively, it encourages me! I am encouraged that God is not only interested but desires to see America whole again! He desires to see America healed, delivered, and set free from the Kingdom of Darkness! Glory to God!

When you look at our nation and realize we have killed over 54 million innocent babies, that we have taken prayer out of our schools, and that many of our nation’s institutions are under attack, it would be easy for God to say enough is enough and walk away from America.

But notice He has not done that! Instead, He has shown a restraint from judging, and instead is giving us His grace and mercy! Why? So we as a nation, can have the time to repent of our evil deeds. So yes, the church can get cleaned up and delivered from the evil inside of us.

The soul of America is at stake. There is a pulling, like a tug of war, of darkness trying to pull everyone and everything into its grasp. God warned us of a day when good would be called evil and evil would be called good! We are now living in those days!

Wake up America! You are in the crosshairs of the enemies sights. Move away from darkness before it is too late! Be the light to the world that Jesus set you up to be!

America is Under Attack

When I see our media, portraying evil in front of us and saying to us they will decide what is good for us and what is not, it makes me cringe with Holy fire! When I see so called men and women of God siding with the enemy and supporting candidates who support abortion, my blood starts to boil. They are deceived and our nation is deceived!

It is time for a wake-up call to righteousness! There is far too much compromise in our nation and in our lives! The church has allowed evil to not only infiltrate us but also to silence our voices. I have heard from many Christians who say they will not vote in our upcoming Presidential Election. When you do not vote, you actually are empowering the enemy and giving some of your freedoms over to him. 

God is not mocked, what a person sows is what he will reap. What a nation sows, it will also reap. America needs a crop failure for all of the evil it has sown recently! In any election, as a Christian you and I should be voting based on the platform the candidate is running on! When elected, the platform is what will be instituted by the winning person.

In this election, our very liberties and freedoms are at stake! If the enemy has his way, laws will be passed that would literally make the church in America of no affect! No longer will churches and ministries have the right to preach the Word of God. Your giving could no longer be tax-deductible! Restrictions will be placed on the role of the church in the affairs of our nation!

 Who Will You Stand With?

Will you stand against God and vote in to office evil people? Or will you stand with God and vote in imperfect but Godly platform based people? Will you further empower darkness or will you empower light? Will you allow evil to drive our nation, or will you allow goodness to lead our nation? Will you stand with God or stand with the devil?

You and I have a choice to make. God or satan? It is that simple! As a man of God, who is not perfect, but who loves the Kingdom of God, I have a duty to stand for Jesus and righteousness! My vote is to further empower His Kingdom and destroy the kingdom of darkness.

I will always vote, and I will always vote for platforms that are life giving, freedom giving, liberty saving, that embrace the Kingdom of God! How about you?

When I see pastors, ministers, leaders in the Body of Christ who are deceived siding with evil, it not only fulfills Bible prophecy, but it grieves my spirit. These people should know better. Just the abortion issue alone is enough to not vote for certain platforms.

Come on leaders, wake up and speak out! Do not let the main stream media control your life and ministry! Have the fear of the Lord and enough Holy Ghost strength to stand against the evil that is thriving in our land! Let God arise and His enemies be scattered!

God is watching over America and He will be looking over from Heaven to see how we vote in November. He will be watching collectively and individually! We all are accountable to Him!

Let your vote be Bible based, Spirit led, and God breathed! Who would God Himself vote for? Vote as His representative and fulfill His will in this upcoming election! America’s future is at stake! Your freedoms are at stake! And your civil liberties are at stake!

Ministry Update

Two weeks ago we had an Interest/Prophetic Prayer/Healing Meeting in Staten Island, NY at the Hampton Inn & Suites. We had a strong presence of God in the meeting room, and saw God move in a BIG way! His anointing was so strong as we worshipped, prayed, believed, and watched God move among us.

Kim and I have gone over to Staten Island to search the land for a new venue. It is time to start laying the ground work for the establishment of a new church. Please keep this in prayer, as we know He has a place for us that will enable us to reach the people. We need adequate parking, easy accessibility, foot traffic around the venue, and His handpicked facility. We will be making more trips over to Staten Island until we find the right place.


We are still believing for more prayer warriors to join us. If that is you, then please email us to let us know, you are covering us with prayer at: jpm@jerepetersonministries.com. We appreciate every prayer you make on our behalf to God.

If the Spirit of God is nudging your heart to get involved with us as a financial partner, we would really appreciate hearing from you. You can mail your check made payable to: Jere Peterson Ministries, PO Box 15, Lavallette, NJ 08735. One time gifts as well as monthly gifts are needed as we continue in our assignment to reaching the people of NYC, the nation, and the world! All financial gifts are tax-deductible!

You can also give on our secure website at: http://www.jerepetersonmnistries.com. Thank you for standing with us as we reach out and touch those people He has assigned us to! Your giving makes it possible for us to change people’s lives with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

And a big thank you to all of our current prayer and financial partners. We love and appreciate you, and are so thankful for you involvement in our lives and ministry. May God continue to bless you for blessing us!

 Remember, vote and with your vote, uphold the Kingdom of God!!

Upcoming Ministry Schedule

 Thursday, October 20nd       Staten Island Prophetic Prayer & Healing Service-Hampton Inn & Suites, 1120 South Ave, Staten Island NY 7:25 pm

Reaching NYC and the World with you,

Jere & Kim Peterson


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