America Going Through a Change

Wow, a lot has happened since I last shared my heart with you last month. We now have a new President Elect, his name is Donald J. Trump! What an amazing election were we saw so much stuff and then more stuff! Praise God we still live in a land where our freedom allows us to vote, in order to elect our leaders! Never take that for granted!

America-Going through a Chang

As I shared in my last newsletter, the abortion issue all by itself, should have been enough to decide our Presidential Election, as well as our national elections for our Congress. I am still amazed at how many Christians and ministers vote in favor of abortion, which stands in direct conflict with the Bible.

Knowing that God has seen this as well, I have heard many people say, “well, where was God in our last two Presidential Elections?” I can give you the answer to that, and the answer is He stayed home! God works through people here in the earth, and ten of millions of Christians did not vote in the last two Presidential Elections. They stayed home! And we saw the consequences of that.

In this Presidential Election, not only did more Christians go vote, but they voted for righteousness, and they prayed more fervently than before. Thus, we can say going forward that God has once again been allowed to get involved in the affairs of our country, because He was invited to come to the aid of our cry for help! A change is coming to America! God is moving

Evil Displayed in Front of our Nation

 Right before our eyes, the national media displayed what an evil empire looks like. Time and time again, they lied, made up stories, and tried to show us who we should vote for and why! They have become so biased, that Christians and non-Christians alike, saw through it, and said enough is enough. I am convinced, this is one reason why Christians, who have been called by God, to run in elections on all levels, are refusing to obey God and enter the realm of politics.

We saw one Presidential candidate repent before the nation and another one who refused to repent. We saw one who had tens of thousands show up at their rallies across America, and another candidate who saw hundreds come (unless a concert was a part of the rally).  We saw one candidate dogged by investigations, and the other candidate dogged by something that was said 11 years ago. We saw one candidate recently become born-again and another one showing no relationship with God. We saw one openly say it is OK to abort a baby in the 9th month and the other one take a stand that was saying it was never right to do that.

Such a contrast between the two and the people across this country they claim to represent. In the end, as I said last month, this was not a person to person battle. Instead, this was a battle in the spiritual realm for the heart of America. God prevailed, and evil was overcome.

Lawlessness in America

As I proclaimed last month, this is the plan of satan, to make America a nation with no laws and where no laws are enforced. Today, we see people (mostly the younger generations) protesting in our streets of our great nation because they did not like the results of our Presidential Election. Their values were not violated, they just did not like the outcome of the election. In other words, they are crying because they did not get their way, and most of them did not even vote! You have no voice when you do not vote in America.

What most people (even Christians) do not know, is that the enemy had a plan to shut down the Body of Christ in America and across the world. America still sends more people and money to other countries for mission work than any other nation in the world.

If the wrong person had been voted in as President, you would have seen your tax-deduction for giving to your local church go away, as well as seeing your pastor being told what they can and cannot speak on from the their pulpits.

 Churches would still have to remain silent on endorsing any political candidate for office! Sexual preference would have had an in road into churches and would have lowered the standard of Godliness in our nation!

 This would have closed the doors on thousands of churches in America! And there are many more things the enemy had in store for the Body of Christ!

So, with so much at stake, God stepped in, and through His people made history for the world to see. This was literally, good versus evil! God against satan! And God won out again in a BIG way!

God is Not a Democrat, Republican, or Independent

God is not affiliated with any political party, He is simply the God of and for all! He loves the unlovely democrat, the sinful republican, the obnoxious independent, and all lost people! He desires all to come to Him and find salvation, eternal life, peace, rest, healing, restoration, and deliverance.

Jesus is the only way to the Father! There is no other way! Jesus loves everyone! He died for everyone! He was raised from the dead for everyone! And He has made a way to the Father for everyone! He is Lord of Lords, the King of Kings, the alpha and omega, and He is alive for evermore for everyone.

So, we should be like Jesus! Let us love everyone, especially those who do not believe like us, and show the world the REAL JESUS! Let us show the world the love we have for one another. When they see His true love in action, they will then and only then want to learn more about what makes us different from them. And that difference is Jesus Christ.

Let’s look like, talk like, act like, and be like Jesus in all we say and do! This is the witness that will continue to change America and the world! Get past all the noise and hear His Word as He calls you to a greater relationship with Him!

Ministry Update

We had our meetings last month in Staten Island! Once again, we prophetically spoke over NYC, including Staten Island. God brought a great presence into the meetings, and we saw the people touched in a great way.

One of the men who has been coming on a regular basis to the monthly meetings, has seen his life changed because of Jesus and our meetings. His name is Luke. He went with me to evangelize Staten Island as we passed out flyers and business cards announcing our meetings in Nov. and Dec. As we walked the streets, we prayed for people, spoke with and encouraged others, and blessed those we encountered.

We are really excited as we will have our first Sunday night service this coming Sunday at 6:00 pm. We believe it will enable more people to attend and we sense the breath of God on this new night of ministry. Please let all your friends know about it! This meeting as well as the ones listed below will be held at the Hampton Inn & Suites, 1120 South Ave, Staten Island, NY.


First of all, let me say “thank you” to all who give on a regular basis to this ministry. We could not do what we do without your financial help. Kim and I are believing for Him to bring you a great Eph. 3:20 harvest financially for blessing us.

For all of you who pray for us, “thank you.” Nothing happens in ministry without prayer. We cherish you and the time you spend before God on our behalf.

We have some financial needs in addition to our normal monthly meeting expenses, we want to share with you. Last month we officially became an approved corporation in the State of New Jersey. This was a process we needed to get done, since we re-located to NJ. Now, most of our purchases in NJ are tax-free. This is a huge benefit to us as a ministry.

We had not budgeted for this expense, but went ahead and completed this process (as the Holy Spirit led us) with monies that came from our general fund. We would like to put those monies back into the general fund. The final cost (which includes all state and attorney fees) came to $620.80.

For those who give on a regular basis, please know we cannot re-direct your monthly giving to this expense, as we use your giving to finance our monthly meetings in Staten Island. So if you want to help with this expense, please send in an additional amount over and above your normal giving.

For those who do not give on a regular basis, we need your help now! Any gift you send in will be applied to this $620.80. If everyone who receives this newsletter was to send in a gift of $2, the need would be met. Please consider a gift of $2, $5, $10, $20, $50, $75, $100, $620.80, or any amount the Holy Ghost leads you to give. We appreciate your consideration.

In the near future, we need to buy some signs we can put up in our meeting places, so people know who we are and when we are there. We are believing for $500 to get started on these signs. Please consider helping us attain the signage we need, by planting a financial seed towards this need. Just designate your gift by putting the word Signs in the memo of your check or by adding a note that says Signs when you give on our website.

You can give by sending us a check made payable to Jere Peterson Ministries, Inc. and mail to: Jere Peterson Ministries, PO Box 15, Lavallette, NJ 08735. Or you can give on our secure website at: Please know, we are appreciative of any amount you plant into the work God has called us to here in NYC and around the world. All financial gifts are tax-deductible!

Keep moving forward with God! He has great things in store for you in the days ahead! Victory is yours!

May God’s Blessings Overtake You,

Jere & Kim Peterson






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