God’s Word for 2017

February 17, 2017

I pray you had a great Valentine’s Day with your loved ones and family! Even for those of us who may have loved ones who are no longer with us, I pray you had some great memories as you reflected back on past Valentine’s Days! May God continue to bless you with His love and comfort!

God’s Word for 2017 

Every year, I get alone with God, and listen for what He wants to speak to me concerning the upcoming year. This time is usually set aside in December. This year was a little bit different, as He waited until January to speak to me in regards to 2017. So, the following is the Word He gave me for 2017:

“This will be a year of role reversals. What was in a leadership position that was evil will be removed and replaced by my goodness. People will be changing positions. Those in the back room will be brought out to the front and lead. Many who were leading, will be put in the back room since they disobeyed my command and my Word. Where evil ruled, good will now rule. Where torment was allowed to be carried out, now goodness will take over.

Where sickness ruled and reigned, healing will now rule and reign. Where abuse ruled and reigned, light will shine on darkness and because people would not repent, I will expose their sin, and they shall be replaced by kind, loving, compassionate people.

I will expose the hypocrisy of the church. Those pretending will be exposed as just that, pretenders. Spiritual agendas of man will be reckoned with and exposed by Me. I will no longer allow men to pervert, in the church, My ways. Performance will not be congratulated, and real presence will bring with it, great miracles that no man can take the credit for.

Your enemy was trying to establish his own world order, which was not what I wanted. So I stepped in and stopped it. Because I did, righteousness will now go all over the world and will not be quenched! There will come goodness out of those world leaders that will be shocking. I am putting your nation back into its destiny of being a world leader. I have heard your prayers and answered.

Even in families where one member held back the rest, I am moving that influence out, and the freedom to worship together is being restored. I am rescuing my people from evil and establishing my Kingdom once again inside the hearts of men.

I am honoring those who honored me during evil times. Promotion will come to those who have not moved away from my commands. I have seen and I alone can and will promote.

This will be a hard year for those who have disobeyed me in 2016, unless they repent and heed my Word. They will reap a harvest of their bad and evil deeds. It will not go well for them in 2017.

But to those who did not buckle under the pressure of evil, I will bless their obedience in staggering ways in 2017! The last will be brought to the front and the front will be sent to the rear. My promotion will bring with it a stronger anointing and influence. I will amplify their voice, my favor shall be upon them and go before them. I am re-establishing order to my Body.

What dragged you down in 2016 is being cut away from you in 2017. You are being freed to go do what I have commanded you, both individually and corporately. So obey what has and will be told you this year, for this year is the year for it to come to pass just as I said. Do not try to figure it out, follow My promptings and watch your God do great exploits for you.

This is our year! A great harvest of souls, a great release of My healing power, and a great favor to transition awaits you. Be alert and obey what you hear! For this is your year to break out and help Me re-establish My Kingdom throughout the earth.

It is time to push back evil and let My light shine as we walk together throughout the earth,” says the Lord.

Great Encouragement

When I heard this Word, I was so encouraged. God is literally getting involved in the affairs of the world and His Body because of our prayers. We have tugged on the Almighty God and He has answered! Evil will no longer rule over us, as God is putting His people in offices of authority, so we can live a peaceful life!

He is conquering our enemy through us, as we march forward proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ! What an exciting year this will be. Glory to God, I am excited!!

For many, this means this is the season for you to be healed! The time of your suffering comes to an end now! The time of being defeated is being replaced with a time of winning! Praise God!

This Word includes our government as a nation, and our lives on a state and local level as well. We the people of God, are being raised up for such a time as this. This is a start of a world-wide move of God that will and is literally changing nations, including The United States of America!

So, expect God to intervene in your life now! Expect Him to meet your greatest need now with abundance! And expect to hear His voice instructing you where to go and what to do, as He lays out His plan for you in 2017!!

Ministry Update

We held our last Prayer/Healing Meeting on Feb. 5th. We saw a great outpouring of God’s presence and love that night! Our upcoming ministry schedule for Staten Island at the Hampton Inn & Suites follows:

Sunday, Feb. 19th             6:00 pm

Sunday, Mar. 12th             6:00 pm

Sunday, Mar. 26th             6:00 pm


I have great news to share with you, the $1,374 we needed to pay for our liability insurance all came in, Glory to God! We were able to pay the full amount on time, and now we are set for another year of meetings that have the required liability insurance in place. Can anyone shout Glory with me? Glory!! He gets all the Glory for meeting this need!

A big THANK YOU to all of you who prayed with and agreed with us for this need to be met. And a big THANK YOU to everyone who financially planted a seed towards this. Kim and I are praying for God to richly and abundantly bless you for standing with us and helping us see this through! Without our prayer and financial partners, there would be no ministry in NYC through us. We are so grateful!

Please know, Kim and I pray for you on a regular basis. Always free feel to send us an email if you have a specific need you want us to agree with you on. We believe in the power of prayer! No request is too small or too big. We serve a God who cares about every aspect of our lives! If there is anything we can do for you, please let us know!

We are still believing for the resources to come in so we can purchase some much needed signs for our ministry. The signs will be used to help direct people to our meetings, and show we are a ministry of excellence!

We still need an additional $400! Please pray and agree with us that this need is met in Jesus name! And if He tugs on your heart to give towards this, please obey Him. If everyone who receives this email obeys what He says to give, the need will be met. So please, pray and obey.

You can give online on our secure website at: www.jerepetersonministries.com, or you can mail a check, made payable to Jere Peterson Ministries, Inc., to: PO Box 15, Lavallette, NJ 08735. Kim and I thank you so much for helping us financially, so we can continue our work in NYC! May God richly bless you as you obey His will for your life!

In the Harvest Fields,


Jere & Kim Peterson




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