Made For Something Great

May 2017

Dear Friend,

Today as I am writing our ministry newsletter to you, it is raining really hard here at the Jersey Shore. It started early this morning and is slated to continue until early tomorrow morning! The wind is driving the rain, which means an umbrella will keep your head dry, but the rest of you will get wet.

This reminds me, we are living in the days of His Spirit being poured out on all flesh, (Joel 2). The Spirit of God does not drive us like the wind, but He does gently nudge us to go a certain direction, sometimes against the winds of life!

Remember, our focus is to use our lives to change the eternity of other people’s lives. We all need to keep a world-wide view of reaching the world for Jesus! You were ………

Made for Something Great

God made you for something great! You may say, I am just an ordinary person. There is nothing great about me. This is where you are mistaken. If Jesus is your Lord, then the greater One lives inside of you. Thus, in your born-again life, you are now able with His help, to do things in a great way that testifies to His goodness in your life!

Your obedience to His plan, strategies, and direction for your life, determines your success! You may say, how can I make a difference? How can I do that? How do I …….? The answer is, with His help you can do all things!

What is God saying to you? I guarantee whatever it is, it will ultimately be used by Him for World-Wide Evangelism. This includes reaching people in the place you live and work now, it will also include reaching people of your own nation, as well as reaching people of other nations.

You may say, how do you know that? Because the Word of God tells me so! In Mark 16 we are told to go into the world and preach the Gospel. Acts 1:8 tells us we are to be a witness to our hometown, our nation, other nations, and to the rest of the world. Are you doing your part?

God’s Vision is Pointing to You What’s Coming

If you want to know what is ahead for you and your life, look at His vision for your life, it is your road map! He is preparing, then releasing you into a work that will be a great blessing to others. His vision has His timing as a part of it.

As He unfolds His vision to you, He will instruct you! He will show you a large general direction to get you motivated to start, then He will usually show you small steps to take. As you obey His leading, remember darkness cannot stop you! Take authority over all opposition and you will overcome the enemy and anything his kingdom of darkness throws at you.

Keep your thoughts on why you are here on the earth, during this time, to fulfill and complete the assignment God has for you! Nothing else matters! Let this eternal assignment be the standard that all decisions in your life are measured by! This will put you in the right place, with the right people, at the right time! God is faithful!

Living for a Larger Purpose

When you are mindful of God’s Kingdom, and His direction for your life, then your purpose becomes clear! Your time is not wasted! The supernatural becomes a part of your everyday life as you continue to follow God! He has never been wrong, so set your eyes on Him and His purposes for your life!

His plan of reaching souls and transforming them, is why Jesus came to the earth. He came to redeem us back to God! Allow Him to use you the way He has planned. Find out what you were created to do! It will be fulfilling and satisfying knowing Heaven is directing your life and standing with you!

The Body of Christ is huge! And yet, He loves others so much, that He patiently trains us so we can impact the lives of others! His love towards us, prepares us to love those around us, and those sent to us! Our purpose is His purpose! Our life is His! Allow Him to be large in your life!

Remember, the cemetery is where dreams have died and been buried. There are books that were never written, trips never taken, words never spoken, jobs never done, people never met, and so much more that was never done. Do not let that be you! You are alive unto God! Fulfill His plan for your life now!

Stay Alert

Keep on the lookout for divisive people and words! This is one way the enemy comes in order to destroy the plan of God in our lives. Stay out of strife, return all attacks with love! Give no place for the enemy! Keep moving ahead with God knowing that He has gone before you, and that everything is going to be alright!

God will raise up partners to help you fulfill His will here on the earth. God works through people and so does the enemy! So stay alert, and look to God for your help! He will not disappoint you!

Lastly, JUST BELIEVE! If God has spoken it to you, if He has convince you of a work to do, know this, He has seen it being successful or He would have never had you start! God has always looked at the final product first, and worked back from there! Think like God, and you will be successful in this lifetime following Him.

Remember and never forget, “YOU CAN DO THIS!”


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