The Day That Changed The World

December 2017

Dear Friend,

We are only 8 days away from Christmas! Wow, so hard to believe we are so close to celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! The weather here in NJ has made it seem more like Christmas, as we have had a couple of days of snow this month. So, get that last minute shopping done and keep smiling! God is about to show up BIG on the 25th!

The Day that Changed the World

Have you ever wondered, is there more for me out there? Do you need a change in your life? Are you tired of waiting? What if God did reveal or birthed a new plan for your life, would you obey Him? What will be your legacy?

Almost 2,000 years ago, a simple woman was minding her own business, when God interrupted her life, and turned her world upside down. In the process of changing her life, He changed the world! And the world is still being changed today, because of this one woman, who dared to believe God!

How about you? Are you ready for a change? Is it possible your life, could be used to change the lives of many other people?

You may ask, but what does God want from me? The better question might be, what does God want for me? Once you find out the plan He has for you, then you can make a decision whether or not you are going to obey Him!

In the Luke 2:4-22, we read about the journey Mary was on with her husband Joseph. On this journey, she gives birth to the Son of God, His name is Jesus! And did her life change forever because of this child!

God has Some Good in Store for You!

Mary had a very simple start with God! A simple, amazing, fearful, and strong Word from God, changed the course of her life! Most miracles start off with a very simple start! When there was no room in the inn, a manager would do! A place where no one would be looking for the King of Kings and Lord of Lords! Yet in this manager, God provided everything Mary and her family needed. He will do the same for you!

Shepherds, Kings, onlookers, family, and others were there to witness a “simple birth.” But this was not just another birth, this birth changed everything. This birth would change the hearts of men and women, boys and girls! This birth would reunite man with God! What was lost by Adam in the Garden, was restored back by this one birth!

Never under estimate the will of God for your life! Your obedience will allow others to experience the same love you receive from Jesus! Allow God to use you and watch your world get turned upside down! There are a lot of great things ahead of you! Keep your eyes on Jesus and obey what He tells you to do! You will not be disappointed!

Help Will Come

Mary learned the following as she went on this journey with God:

1. Others were told to come help bless her (wise men, 3 Kings, shepherds)
2. Heaven stands up and praises you for saying yes to God (angel comes to
give direction, clarity)
3. A normal start to obedience brings God on the scene
4. Supernatural encounters become a way of life (birth was supernatural, a
miracle of God)
5. God declares His will to Mary
6. A Word from God (settles Mary’s fears and nerves)

God will do the same for and with you. This Christmas give Jesus the greatest gift possible, say yes to His will for your life! Get on with the plan He has for you! Prepare for the greatest life you could ever live! Just say yes to Jesus!

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