A Word From God for 2019

February 2019

Dear Friend,

It is starting to act a little bit like winter around here. We had two inches of snow this morning, with more coming tomorrow.

This weekend we had the NJ grandkids down here at the beach. We were able to walk on our new, longer beach with them, which is always a good time! Even our dog Spencer got to go and really enjoyed himself.

A Word from God for 2019

Every year in December, I spend some time alone with God to receive a word from Him about the upcoming year. This year as I did that, no word came to me. Last month, no word really came, until just before the month was over.

Then I heard Him say that 2019 would be a year where two things would happen: Number one, this would be a year were former dreams would be fulfilled. Number two, this would be a year when new dreams would be given by God to some of His people! I don’t know about you, but both of these have my excited!

What Dreams are You Holding on To?

Is there a dream from God that has not happened yet? If there is, 2019 could be the year it comes to pass. Last month I spoke about “The Path of a Dream” and “God’s Dream.” This month I want to encourage you, start believing that those things God gave you as a dream are going to come to pass this year!

You may say, but how can I know it will happen now? Or what can I do to ensure God’s dream for my life happens this year? Glad you asked, here is how: activate your faith, start believing God for it to happen this year, and take action that corresponds to your faith. It is that easy! It is not hard! Believe God!

Activate your faith by speaking the dream to yourself and back to God Himself! Remind Him what He said to you! Remember how excited you got when He spoke to you and you started thinking (dreaming) about it?

Start believing for your dream to be fulfilled this year! How? Make this a focus of faith believing prayer! Pray strongly in the Holy Ghost, declare the dream as He declared it to you! Put your faith in this, that in 2019 it will be fulfilled! Stand strong in your faith in God! Believe! What if it does happen?

Take actions that corresponds to your faith! Faith without works is dead, which means that faith with works is alive! Your actions should line up with His Word and with what He spoke to you! If it is not working, maybe it is time to adjust your actions!

New Dreams from God

Keep your spirit open to God’s Spirit! Expect Him to give you new dreams about aspects of your life and ministry. Let Him know, you are open for whatever He has for you! Let Him know you are available and that you only desire to please Him!

Remember, you and God are a majority! No one else matters! Get alone and seek Him until you find out what He has for you in 2019! You might be surprised at what He shows you and speaks to you! As you obey God in this, other people’s lives will be changed and enriched forever! Earthly obedience brings heavenly results!

Obey what He speaks and shows to you! God is a God of order, take it one step at a time! Keep taking another step after you complete your last step! You can do this! He would never have you start something you could not finish! So be encouraged, if He starts you on something, He is seeing it as being successful or He would never have had you start! Have faith that God has faith in you!

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