Focus Your Faith

March 2019

Dear Friend,

I pray you are enjoying the last few days of winter. Here at the Jersey Shore, we have had a very mild winter. The temps have been 8-10 degrees below normal for most of the winter, and we have had a lot of rain, but almost no snow. In fact, we have not used our snow shovel at all this winter.

They tell us it is going to be 65 degrees by Friday, which will be really nice. Kim has been able to snow ski about once a week for a while, but knows her ski season is winding down.

Focus Your Faith

Last month I shared with you about Dreams. This month I want to speak to you about how to focus your faith so what God has shown you can come to pass. It is one thing for God to place something in your heart, move you to a place of receiving His Word, but is another thing to step out and see it come to pass.

Over the years, when God has shown me something to do, He always brings me to a place of having to really focus my faith to bring it to pass. That usually means, He has me so thoroughly convinced of what I am to do, that I know that I have to step out in faith and just do it! Against all odds, I just believe God and step out on His Word and nothing else matters.

No matter what my mind tries to tell me, no matter what the world tells me, no matter what family or friends tell me, I know that I have to obey God! This is a great place to be, because as long as you have heard from God correctly, you are about to see miracle after miracle take place in your life!

God’s instructions always put us in a position to say either yes or no to Him! It is always better to say yes to God than to disobey Him! Isaiah 1:19 says, “If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land.” That means, as long as you obey God, you will accomplish what He wants you to do here in the earth. Your success is guaranteed by someone who has never made a mistake! Awesome!!

This takes the fear out of the picture and puts you in a position to be extremely focused on His plan. The word focused, according to Webster means: a center of activity, attraction, or attention, a point of concentration, directed attention, a state or condition permitting clear perception or understanding, the area that may be seen distinctly or resolved into a clear image.
So we see, to be focused on what God wants us to do, means we will do the following:

1. Increase our activity (shows movement)
2. Have our attention directed by Him
3. Be attracted to what God wants
4. Concentrate on His plan
5. Have clear perceptions
6. Have a clear understanding (knowing what God wants)
7. See a clear image-we can see exactly what God sees

This means there is no guess work in what we are to do! We have specific, focused details and a specific plan put in our hearts by God that we are to follow! If we follow the focus of God in our lives, then we will be successful!

Zoom in Like a Camera

Most cameras these days have a feature on them that lets us zoom in with the focus (getting closer to our image or picture without moving in closer physically). As we zoom in, the picture gets bigger and bigger in the frame we are looking at!

God is the same way! As we focus on His plan and directives, He brings a clearer picture for us to see, so our faith can grab it and say this is possible, I can do this! Concentrate on what He has shown you, zoom in for the details, and then just go do it!

As you do it, keep your eyes on God, make any adjustments He shows you, and continue to obey Him. If you make a mistake, remember He is the “greatest fixer” of all times! He will guide you back on the right path, and lead you once again to the fulfillment of what He wants you to do!

Allow God to take you to the greatest life you will ever experience! There is nothing quite like living a life that is impossible, in a way that testifies to the greatness of God! This is what Jesus died and was raised from the dead for, so you could have access to God our Father 24/7!

Focus, focus, focus on God and watch your life grow! You have faith, now like a laser beam, focus that faith on the one and only true God! Your life will never be the same!

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