What’s Your Dream?

January 2019

Dear Friend,

Kim and I pray you had a great Christmas and wonderful New Year’s. Ours was wonderful, as we spent time with family and then spent a week at Virginia Beach, VA together for a week of relaxation and great food! Getting away and just basically having no schedule was so relaxing. From walks on the boardwalk, driving our car through the Christmas lights (on the boardwalk), and great seafood every day, we were blessed!

What’s Your Dream?

If money, time, and people were not a problem, what would you do? If you could do anything you want to here and now, what would you do? Would this be something, God would want you to do?

Some very interesting questions. Our own dreams may or may not be funded, provided for, or successful. But God’s dream for our lives, will be fully funded, provided for, and successful if we follow His instructions.

The Path of a Dream

1. Starts with a Thought-small beginning, will not go away, Gets larger.
2. Meditate on the Thought-Joshua 1:8, success will come.
3. Revelation comes about the Thought-gives you insight.
4. Details come-specific actions to take.
5. Actions on Thought-a to do list. Getting started.
6. Dream Expands-more insight, spreads out, bigger than you think.
7. Becomes Real-things are starting to happen, it takes shape, you can see it.
8. Eternal Value- helps others.
9. A Knowing-I must do this.
10. Quality Decision-I will do this, no turning back. Cut off the old to get to the new.

Mary-God’s assignment/birth of Jesus/Raise Jesus/Release Jesus
Jesus-Born/Grow/Wisdom beyond His years/Teaches those older than He/Preach/Heal/Die
Us-Seek/Shown God’s assignment/Seeing & Hearing/Obey/Move/School or Training/Ministry/Final Work.

Notice how simple Mary’s path was. Look at how the path Jesus took was not hard until the end. And look at the path you and I are to take, simple, powerful, exciting, and includes the same walk of obedience as Mary’s.

God’s Dream

1. Impossible-cannot do on your own, takes God to complete the dream.
2. Benefits Others-not for you, but you will be blessed for obeying.
3. Beyond Your Resources-you don’t have enough (money, land, buildings, equipment, etc.) to do this. Where God guides, He provides!
4. Put’s you in Motion/Action-things you must do now.
5. Partners-come to help you. Let them use their gifts.
6. Eternal Value-fruit remains forever. Fireproof!
7. Faith to Start-you have enough. What if this does work?
8. Strength to Endure-critical words from others will not stop you.
9. Wisdom to Overcome-any obstacle thrown at you.
10. Favor to Compete-all the way to the finish line.
11. Direction to Fulfill-step by step instructions.
12. Faith to Expand-go past what you have seen or heard.
13. Determination to Multiply-find one product or service that one person needs and multiply that.

Key Scriptures & Thoughts

Matthew 6:33, seek God first, live according to God’s Word, God will add what you need.
“Never make a major move in your personal or ministry life, until you know that you know times 100, that you have heard from God. Once you have this type of knowing, do not confer with flesh and blood, just go do it,” Oral Roberts.
Ephesians 3:20, God will do bigger than you ever could ask or think. Think Big with God!!
Luke 1:37-all things are possible, every impossibility to you is an opportunity for God!
Seek, Knock-you will find, doors will open, success will come.
What if it does work?
Mark 11:22-26-have faith in God, believe, speak, remove obstacles, believe in your own words. Desires are birthed through prayer.
Hang with people who have done Greater things than you-let them inspire you!
Follow Jesus!
Be led by His Spirit-Romans 8:14
Everything is working for your good-Romans 8:28

You can do this!!!
Step out and obey God!!
There is nothing as exciting as knowing you are doing what you were created to do!!

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