Yes He Will

September 2019

Dear Friend,

It is hard to believe that the summer is coming to an end. Here at the Jersey Shore, we really like September because most of the renters are gone. The island becomes very quiet, the streets are really dark at night, which makes the stars really come alive! The ocean water is usually nice and there is no one at the beach. So, even though the summer seems to have gone by rather quickly, we are so glad September has arrived!

Yes He Will

Last month I wrote to you an encouraging word entitled, “Yes I Can.” This month I sense to continue that message with this thought, “Yes He Will.” In other words, we all need to settle in our hearts, that whatever we need God to do in our lives for us, if we can find it in His Word, then we know that “Yes He Will” for me.

For most of us, we have no trouble believing “God can do anything.” Where we are challenged is, “will He do it for me?” This is the biggest playground the devil uses to keep us from receiving, whatever it is we need from God. The devil doesn’t mind you knowing God can do anything, he just does not want you to believe He will do it for you!

The devil is the source of all discouragement. God is the source of all encouragement when it comes to spiritual things. So know this, if the devil is throwing all of his discouragement at you, it is actually a compliment! The enemy would not be fighting so hard if he knew God would never help you! But since he knows that God is more powerful than he is, he then tries to convince us that we (for whatever reason) will not receive what we need from God!

Get Rid of Doubt

Years ago, when I was the Athletic Director at Victory Christian School, they brought my second son Matthew (he was about 1.5 years old) to me. He was screaming as loud as he could, from being in tremendous pain. From the waist down, his legs were completely black, they were red hot, and so full that when you touched them, they felt like over inflated balloons that were about to burst!

I told the people around me to call the City of Faith Emergency Room and inform them I was bringing Matthew in. When we got there, they were waiting on us. After checking him out and admitting him to the hospital, they performed many, many tests on him to find out what was wrong.

Hours later, his doctor told me and my wife Melanie, that he and his staff had no idea what was wrong with Matthew. He told me, we were about to hit a cross roads, which meant that Matthew would either start getting better, or he would get worse (which meant major organ failure, brain failure, and he would wind up either dead or a human vegetable the rest of his life).

I told the doctor, we were praying that God would give him His wisdom and revelation on what was wrong with Matthew and how to treat him. He was shocked that with my son’s life in the balance, my focus was to pray for him, our doctor!

We immediately started praying against the worst and believing the best according to His Word. Two families had set up a prayer room across the hallway from Matthew’s room. I went in there to give them the latest report, and when I entered the room, for the first time the prayer room was set up, no one was in there! I was shocked!

I sat down and picked up an Oral Robert’s Commentary Bible that was on the table. I blindly opened the Bible to the story of the doubting Thomas. I read the story, then read Oral’s commentary.

In his commentary he said (I am paraphrasing) when you are believing God for a miracle, you have to remove all doubt. He went on to explain, when believing for a miracle, there will be a completion of your faith. There will be a time that the miracle will manifest itself! You will be able to see it and touch it! It will manifest for all to see, Glory to God!!

I remember saying to the Lord, “if there is any doubt in me, please show it to me. My son’s life is in the balance! I cannot have him die, due to my doubt. Please, please show me if I have any doubt in me!”

The Holy Ghost then showed me deep, deep down in my spirit a short video. In this video, I saw myself presiding over my son’s funeral! I actually saw this in my mind when they first brought Matthew to my office screaming!

I stood up and said, I see it, I see it Lord! Please forgive me of ever doubting you! From this moment on, I see my son is healed and will live long on the earth! I walked back into his room and immediately all of his monitors crashed (the fight of faith was on)! I spoke to each monitor and commanded them to go back to normal readings, which they did. This happened 3 more times, and each time I commanded them to go back to normal reading and they did.

The doctor came in and said, “I have been praying and I believe God showed me what to do. We need to perform a certain procedure and with your consent, I believe it will show us what is wrong with Matthew. My response was, “are you sure you heard from God?” He said yes, I signed the consent, and the medical procedure showed a rare disease they had never seen in this hospital and only a few times in this country.

The doctor informed us, that he now needed to give Matthew a certain medicine, that in 24 hours would completely rid Matthew’s body of this disease. I asked the doctor if the medicine was in Matthew’s body. He said it was! In front of the doctors and nurses we laid our hands on Matthew and commanded the medicine to work at God’s speed and for the healing to fully manifest now in Jesus name!

In less than one hour, Matthew was healed, Glory to God! This was on a Sunday morning, my wife just got back to Matthew’s room, from the 9:00 church service, where they prayed for Matthew. I went to the 11:00 church service, where Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty stopped the service and brought me up so they could pray for Matthew.

I asked Pastor Billy Joe if I could give a praise report. He said yes by all means. I told the congregation what had just happened to Matthew, and that he was now totally healed! Glory to God! The congregation erupted into a loud praise to God and His presence fell on the place.

Maybe you need healing in your body and your health restored! Maybe you need a financial miracle! Maybe you need a relationship restored! Whatever you need, ask the Holy Ghost to show you if you have any doubt! If you do, repent and start declaring His Word over your life! If there is no doubt, start praising Him now for the complete manifestation of what you are believing for!

If you are or have been taking medical treatments that you know God ordained for you to have, then please know they are blessed by the hand of God! Never doubt that! If the medicine or treatment is now inside your body, declare it to fully manifest the life of God inside of you now, in Jesus name. Now stand up and declare that you are healed of the Lord! That you will live long on the earth and declare His wonderful works!

Remember, not only can God do it for you, but He is doing it for you! Not only can you say “Yes I Can,” but now you can say “Yes He Will” and “Yes He Has.”

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