The God of Right Now!

October 2019

The God of Right Now!

What are you expecting God to do for you right now? Not tomorrow, not eventually, not in your future, but RIGHT NOW? We serve a God who is a right now God! You know, there are some things you need God to do for you right now, not later!

I learned a long time ago, that the God who saved me, the God who healed me, is the same God who wants to help me “right now.” I remember, Oral Roberts use to teach a class at ORU called, “The Holy Spirit in the Now.” I never attended, but I did have the book he wrote for that class given to me and I heard him preach many messages on the God of Now! It was always so encouraging!

God wants to help you right now! Moses needed God to part the Red Sea “right now,” and He did! The woman with the issue of blood, needed Jesus to heal her “right now.” He did, but only because she expected it. She drew His miracle power out of Him with a demand of her faith.

Faith expects and receives the manifestation of what we are believing God for, “right now.” Do you have your expectation in line with the Word of God? If you do, then rejoice and praise God for your answer “right now.” If you do not, then go back to the scriptures, and find 3-4 verses to stand on in regard to your situation. Release your faith now, on God’s Word, and expect your answer now! Hear it, believe it, and receive it now in Jesus name!

Expectations: The Good Fight of Faith

The good fight of faith is good because we win if we do not give up on what we are believing God for! Praise God! The word expectation according to Webster means: 1. the act or state of expecting : ANTICIPATION in expectation of what would happen
2. basis for expecting : ASSURANCE they have every expectation of success.
I love those two words, anticipation and assurance. We know what is going to happen ahead of time when we believe the Word of God! We anticipate God doing something because He told us He would. Glory to God! And we have His assurance in our hearts because He is faithful! We cannot fail because He never fails! He assures us of victory, due to His own Word, which He watches over to perform! Praise be to the Lamb of God!
So expect God to do what you need to have done, “right now.” You know you are in faith, when you can enter into His rest! Strong faith, believes it is done now, has no worry, anxiety, or fear, because it is basing it’s belief on the Word of God! Remember, Jesus is the Word! Believe the God of the now, and receive whatever it is you need from Him, NOW!!!!

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