Get Rid of the Grime/Dirt

May 2020

Recently, a friend of ours, who has a house here at the Jersey Shore, told me, that on his next visit he was going to bring his power washer to do some work around his house. I asked him if I could borrow his power washer when he was done, because I had some cleaning I wanted to do on our sidewalks, patio, and concrete walkway. He said sure and brought over the power washer. He also showed me how to use it.

I had never used a power washer before, so I started out very slowly. Soon, I really got the hang of it. I started up our sidewalk towards our patio, and wow what a difference the power washer was making. It completely cleaned the sidewalk and concrete down to the original color. The grime and dirt that came off of the concrete was black. And to think what we had been walking on was pretty gross.

When I started cleaning off the pavers Kim and I had installed ourselves for our patio furniture, again, we were amazed at how much grime came off and how clean the pavers now looked. There had been moss that had started growing between the pavers, and that powerful washer got rid of all of it. The back sidewalk had the same results. I even power washed our mats in front of our doors, and found the one for the back door had a bunch of moss growing on it, I had never seen before.

Everything looked so clean and bright. It was so hard to imagine, what the real concrete looked like after it was cleaned. So fresh looking! Amazing, is another word to describe the transformation our concrete and pavers went through.

The last step I had to take, once everything was finished, was to pour some polymeric sand, on the pavers (between the pieces) and in the cracks between the concrete pours. I had to use a broom, to make sure the sand went down into the cracks and filled up the space between each paver and each concrete pour.

Once that was done, all I had left to do was gently water in the sand. It did not take long to do that. The next day, when I checked the pavers and concrete, the sand had hardened, and now the job was done. It looked so wonderful, and to think, just a few hours earlier, it was so full of grime and dirt.

Your New Norm

I said all of that to say this, God has a new norm for you! Being stuck inside your house, during these unusual times, for some people, has been very difficult! For others, it has been refreshing! And for even others, it has been devastating! No matter how it has been for you, God has a new norm for your life now!

Allow His Spirit, to hover over you and your life! Allow Him to start blasting away at the grime/dirt that may have accumulated upon your life, even unknown to you! Allow Him to peel back that grime/dirt and clean you up with a mighty move of His Spirit and His Word!

We often hear, let God clean you up from the inside out, and that is good! But how about allowing Him to clean you up from the outside in. You may not see the grime/dirt that has collected in your life and upon you! But He does!

He will not only clean you up, but He will put all of the reinforcements that are needed, to fill the cracks that are in your life! And then, He will pour His anointing and water your life with His Spirit; so that the move of His Spirit, that has filled the cracks in your life, strengthens you, as He pulls together everything you need, to be successful in this life.

You will then be even in a better position, to accomplish His purposes for your life! Those purposes will be a blessing to other people as well. So, give Him free access to every area of your life, and watch your life become more beautiful than ever before. Others will notice, and be drawn to you, and then you will be able to tell them, about the great God that you serve!

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