September 2020

This little word is powerful! By itself, it has changed nations, cities, country sides, people, governments, and so much more. The word itself according to Webster means, “to make different in some particular; to make radically different; to give a different position, course, or direction.”

What is God talking to you about in your life that needs to change? Whatever that is, obey Him! When God asks us to change, it is for our benefit! We will get better, as we follow Him! Our life, will reap greater blessings, as we follow Jesus!

There are times in our lives, when God wants us to start something new! In order to start something new, you may have to cut off the old! Cutting off the old can be difficult. Many times our emotions are tied to the old. When we drag our old emotions into the new, it becomes “baggage.” No one likes to have baggage hanging around. So, let go of the old, and go to the “new” change that God is speaking to you about!

Victory Through Change

Many times, when we are facing adversity, the Word of God gives us a way to bring about the change we need! When the doctor gives you a report that is not good, God’s Word says you are healed by the stripes of Jesus. Then you have to make a decision, who are you going to believe, the doctor or God?

Your decision can mean the difference of life or death! Remember, God has given the medical profession the wisdom, knowledge, and understanding on many things that will help keep our bodies healthy. But there can come a time, when you have to fully stand on His Word and follow Him with your faith!

The key, is to make sure God is part of the change, He is asking you to make. If He is, then He will lead you to victory through the change! Remember, following God is always a blessing! Be determined to hear His voice, and to obey His directives for your life! He sees what you do not see!

He will never lead you to a place of torment, but He may lead you to places that can be challenging! But through the challenges, He will bring you out into a place of provision, fulfillment, and you will help expand the Kingdom of God! Be willing to say “yes” to any change God is asking you to make! You and the world will benefit from it!

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