For Such A Time As This

November 2020

We are in a season of uncertainty, that brings with it the challenge to the Body of Christ, of showing an anti-God world, the love of Jesus Christ! I am praying that you seize the opportunity to “share” your faith, with those who do not believe like you do.

Who else is going to reach “them” if we don’t? God has put us on this planet, for “such a time as this,” in order to change the Divine destiny of people. Be open to “new opportunities that He gives you to reach the unreachable, to change the beliefs of the unbelievable, and to save those who looked to be unsavable.

Update on the North Jersey Services

Since our last newsletter, we have had two Prayer/Interest Meetings in the Wanaque/Ringwood area of north NJ! Our first meeting went extremely well. We had 17 people attend, who are excited about a “new church” in that area!

They were active in asking questions, and listened intently to our speaking about the vision, mission, and purpose of the “new church.” Collectively as a group, we prayed for North Jersey, and the surrounding area! It was a powerful time of declaring God’s will and standing on His Word for a “great move of His Spirit” in the region.

We were extremely excited about the offering that came in this “initial” meeting! We believe that “where God guides He provides.” Seeing this happen in this first meeting, was a real encouragement to us!

Last week we had our second Prayer/Interest Meeting in the same facility in the Ringwood area! Again, we had a wonderful turn out, with 13 attending (we know of 5 who were unable to attend). As we worshiped God, prayed, and listened to a prophetic word that came forth, God’s anointing came in to the room in such a strong way! I preached on “It’s a New Season.”

People were ministered to, and healing came for those who needed it! Praise God! How wonderful and sweet was His presence! Once, again, the offering was really good, and we have even seen people who live in other states, give towards this “new work,” in north NJ.

Our next Church Service in North NJ will be tomorrow morning @ 10:00 am, @ Skyline Lakes Fire Dept. If you are in the area, we would love to see you! If you are not in the region, please pray for us, and consider giving a financial seed towards this wonderful new work God is doing at this time!

You may be wondering, what we will do with our Staten Island meetings? We have one meeting on Nov. 22nd, and two in Dec. on the 6th & 20th. The Dec. 20th meeting will be our last in Staten Island for this season. We will be announcing this, at the Nov. 22nd Staten Island meeting.

We are so “thankful” for all that God has done in Staten Island over the past several years. We have seen people saved, healed, restored, and delivered by the power & presence of God! We rejoice and believe, that His fruit will remain. Please pray for our Staten Island friends! God will take them from here and to the place He has for them in the future.

The “new” church in North NJ, once it is established, will go back into Staten Island and NYC as a part of our “outreach” ministry! So, we will not forget about the people there. We will go back and minister once again to them.

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