God Wants You to Increase

August 2020

God’s will for your life is to see every area increase, with the presence and power of God! Whatever God is involved with, grows, and has life in it. If you have an area in your life that is not growing, it’s time to make some adjustments and get back in giving some attention to that area. Apply the Word of God, and watch the change and growth that occurs.

As you are increased by God, look to bless other people by planting seed into their lives. As you step into an expectancy to God bringing His increase to you, you will be able to bless others and testify to His goodness.

A Testimony from Today

Today, I was preaching on the “Anointing of Increase.” After the service, a man came up to me, and placed some money in my front shirt pocket. He said this was for us, to use to buy lunch with.

The pastor took us to lunch, with his wife and 3 other people, besides us. So, there were 7 of us at the table. We all enjoyed some great Mexican food. I told the waitress to bring me the bill. She went and totaled the bill and brought it to me. It came to $80 and some cents.

I gave her a $100 bill (which the man put in my pocket) and told her to keep the change for her tip (we found out she is a math teacher at the high school and works at the restaurant part time). She said, “are you sure?” I said yes, and then I said, here take my credit card and give yourself another $20 for a tip.

She looked stunned, but did it. When she brought me the credit card receipt, for the additional tip, she was thankful and in shock. She is not used to receiving a $40 tip on a $80 meal.

Why would I do that? Because God prompted me to! In order to be a believer who prospers, there are 3 things you need to do: tithe, give offerings, and give when the Holy Ghost prompts you to. My $40 tip, was directly by God’s Spirit, He wanted to bless her!

If He Can Get it Through You, He Can Get it To You!

God is looking for those He can trust with His resources, so He can distribute them to His people! That $100 the man gave me for lunch, was used exactly for what he desired it to be used for, every penny. Then I was prompted to add to it! See yourself as a distribution center!

God knows better than we do, what we need. By my allowing the $100 to pass from me, to the restaurant, to the waitress, I was able to bless 6 other people with a great lunch, and take care of the waitress.

Can God trust you with His finances and resources? Do you need more money for your life? In my obedience today, I have put our ministry in position to receive a large harvest from the seed we just planted! What have you planted lately?

You cannot out give God! But you can, put yourself in a position to receive a large harvest that repeats itself over and over again.

So, let me encourage you today. No matter where your life is at, think about planting more seed into the lives of people, God prompts you to give to. Tithe to your local church, give offerings to other ministries/individuals as He directs, and follow His promptings to give to others as He directs.

Obeying God in your giving, will open up God’s financial system to you, that will meet all of your needs, as you help meet the needs of other people. Obedience is better than sacrifice! Enjoy the life of being a “giver” and watch God prosper you above all you can ask or think. 

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