Do You Believe?

This question has been both a help and a curse to many people in the world today. We can ask this question in regards to many areas of life! Do you believe there is a great future spouse out there for you? Do you believe your dream job is out there? Do you believe…..and the list goes on and on.

Today, let me ask this question in regards to your spiritual life; Do you believe in God?

You do not need anyone to help you answer this question for you. You know what you believe, why you believe, and who you believe. Life may have thrown you a lot of “raw deals,” or a lot of heart ache, but I am here to tell you, there is One who can turn you and your situation around!

There is somebody who loves you today just they way you are!  That is so cool, so neat, and so wonderful! His name is Jesus Christ!

Jesus no matter what anyone has told you, loves you! Yes, He absolutely loves you, has a plan for you, and has nothing but good intentions for you! He is good and desires to share His life with you today! He feels your pain, your disappointments, and yes your failures! But He has the desire and ability to “turn your life around today.” Will you let Him help you?

There is only one thing you must do, and that is TO BELIEVE! Believe He lived, died, and was raised from the dead so you and I could be forgiven of our sins and restored back to God our Father! Believe He is the Son of God!

Are you ready to believe? If you are, no matter if you have never had a relationship with Jesus, or you have had one in the past, if you desire to believe today that Jesus can save, heal, restore, and deliver you, then say and believe this:

“Jesus I believe you are the Son of the Living God! I believe, you died and was raised from the dead so I could be forgiven. Jesus forgive me of every sin I have committed and come into my heart and be my Lord and Savior! Give me a brand new start! Fill me with your Spirit and show me Your Plan for my life! In Jesus name I pray and believe!”

Welcome to our family, the family of God!

Please email me at: so we can celebrate with you. And if you already are a believer but have some friends or family who do not believe, feel free to send this short blog to them.



Staying Focused Among the Chaos

There is so much chaos all around us! From ISIS, to government, business, sports, and many other venues, many if not all seem to be spiraling out of control. In a world that has gone obscene, you and I need to focus on what really matters!

You may ask, what really does matter? The answer is simple: are you fulfilling what your Divine destiny is? You may say, what is that? And I would say, you are on this planet for a purpose! You are valuable! You are unique! The world needs you, but more important His Kingdom needs you.

You may say, but I am too old, or I am too young. No excuse will do. For He has made you in His likeness and image. You have been wonderfully anointed by Him to do a work here in the earth. It is your time, this is your season, the world awaits you!

Decide today to follow Him and let Him show you the most exciting and fulfilling life in the world! His plan for your life is a great! It is full of adventure and faith!  Say yes and launch out! You can do this!!!!!!

God’s New Assignment

October 2, 2014

Dear Partner,

In our Sept. newsletter we communicated with you of a Special Announcement we would be making in regards to our next assignment the Lord has for us. The Lord has now released us to share what He wants us to do in expanding His Kingdom in the days ahead.


In 1982, in the middle of a 4 mile jog, I had an open vision and the audible Word of the Lord came to me. It was that vision that brought us to Tulsa and showed me that I would be traveling in ministry all over this nation and to the nations. Also, in that vision God showed me a great church that His glory was falling on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. People were coming in and out of that church from all 4 sides.

The summer of 2012 God started speaking to me about a new assignment. While at the Jersey Shore He said this, “Stay open to my Spirit and you will see my hand and direction. I am your God! I will help with your mistakes. I will lead you to new places and adventures. Come before Me like this every day, journal My remarks as you are now. More will come later, relax and enjoy the next few days.”

For the past two years I have done just that. Even this morning, I was writing down what He was speaking to me. I now have a 10 page Word document that has no contradictions and now has painted a picture of our next step in ministry!

 Hurricane Sandy

 After Hurricane Sandy dumped 36 inches of water in our Shore house, we completely rehabbed the house. It really needed it anyway as the house was built in the 1950’s. Kim went back to paint the inside of the house. While she was away, I was watching on TV a benefit concert for Sandy victims. As I was watching, my eyes filled with tears. I started crying. I thought this was very strange and did not understand what was happening to me.

Kim came back and we watched together another benefit for Sandy victims. Again I started crying and did not understand. So I asked God, why was I crying, and He said, “I am giving you a heart for these people.” I said really? And He said back. “Really.”

 Supernatural Encounter

 A few months later in April of 2013 I had a supernatural encounter with God while going to bed. Kim was already asleep. As I laid down I saw my first wife’s face (Melanie) and she said to me, “Jere, you can do this. You left everything once before, you can do it again. You can do this.” Then her face faded out and the face of my pastor, Pastor Billy Joe Daugherty came to me and said, “Jere, you have to go to these people. They need you! You have to go to them.” I started crying uncontrollably for what seemed like forever. My side of the bed was like someone had thrown a bucket of water on it, it was soaked with my tears.

 Media Meeting @ Victory

 While attending a Media meeting at Victory on Dec. 17th, 2013, the Lord spoke these words to me, “Your time is running out here.” I thought that meant, in 8-18 months I would be telling Pastor Sharon Daugherty I would be leaving the church to pursue God’s next assignment in my life.

Little did I know that in 3 weeks, on Jan. 9th, 2014, the church would be telling me they were eliminating my position, as they gave me two weeks’ notice, that my employment after 28 years was over. Wow! I did not see that coming. However, since God had been speaking to me about my next assignment, I was surprised but not devastated!

Kim and I saw this as God saying to us, I am freeing you, so you can now get ready for what is coming next for you! I can now say, that there is no way Kim and I could have done what we have done the past 9 months, if I was still working at Victory. God had seen ahead and was preparing us for our next assignment.

 The Month Everything Stopped

 This past June, everything in my life stopped! Every area looked like it was going backwards. Nothing was working! It all came to a standstill. It was during this time that I had a day that I got mad at God! It was like He was showing me what was coming next, but would not release me to go.

After I had yelled at the Lord, I said to Him, I need some specifics on where we are to go precisely. I told Him I did not want Him to say to me, “You are right where you are supposed to be.” And of course, He said to me, “Jere, you are right where you are supposed to be.” This made me angry. Then I repented and asked Him to forgive me. He did!

Then He dropped something in my spirit about what He wanted us to do. He dropped the same thing in Kim’s spirit as well. As we compared notes, we believed we had heard from the Lord.

 Spiritual Mentor

 I went to have lunch with one of my spiritual mentors, and without me saying anything, he said to me exactly the same thing the Lord had spoken to Kim and myself. Without seeking it, God had completely confirmed His next step in our lives.

When I came home and told Kim, we agreed to take one more week, pray over this next step, and make a decision. The next week, God kept speaking the same Word to us, and we made a quality decision to follow Him.

As soon as we made the decision to obey God, everything started working again, and continues to today! God is faithful!

Having said all of this, here is our special announcement:

 We are Moving to New Jersey!

 The 10 page Word document has shown us that we are to pastor a church in central/northern NJ, grow that church, and then reach the people of NYC! NYC will be our mission field! Over time, we will eventually have a work in each one of the 5 boroughs of NYC! The church He showed me in the vision in 1982 is the church we will now pastor, some 34 years later! Glory to God!

God has shown us that we are being sent into a region where most people would tell you they do not believe in God! In fact, a recent survey taken in the region says that 74% of the people around and in NYC do not believe in God. Back here in Oklahoma, over 80% of the people believe in God! A huge difference.

Where would Jesus go if given the choice? I believe He would go to the place where few people know Him. We are so excited about this assignment!

When God dropped His last directive in our life and my spiritual mentor confirmed it, that directive was, it is time for you to physically move to NJ. We then started the process to move. The Word God gave us was, “some doors do not open until you stand in front of them (like the automatic doors at Wal-Mart). When you move to NJ, the doors will then open to you!” So we are obeying God, stepping out by faith and moving to NJ!

I can now tell you, our house here in Tulsa is on the market, we have already had one Open House, and will have another one this Sunday from 1-3 pm. God has not yet told us where we are moving to, as far as where we will be living, but has told us that this information will come soon.

 Vision, Planning, Change, Dream

 God’s vision for us is to reach the Tri-State area, NJ and with a focus on NYC, with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has given us Hebrews 13:8 as our theme, “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever.” This will be what we will be preaching, speaking, and telling people! We will be sharing how much God loves them! How much He wants them physically well, prosperous, and longs to come into their lives! We will love them, be used to bring change to their lives eternally, and watch God’s dream for NYC be fulfilled.

We know we will partner with other churches and ministries in the area. We will hook up with people of like passion and faith to reach “a city that never sleeps!” As we continue to plan and dream with God, change has come and our vision expands! Our passion is for all those people in the region! We must reach them! This is God’s mandate for our lives!


 On January 26, 2013 the Lord spoke this to me, “Partnership will be a key.” We cannot do this alone. We need your help. You may say, how can I help? Number one, we need your prayers! Prayer paves the way for the will of God! We need you to begin to pray specifically for us now! As the Lord leads you, agree with us for His direction, His health, His provision, and for His harvest to come forth! Nothing happens in ministry without someone speaking! So as God impresses you, pray for us and the people in the NJ/NYC area. I have been a part of a church here in Tulsa that was built on prophetic prayer, became debt free, and is touching the world. We can do the same thing in NJ/NYC!

Number two, please consider sowing a one-time seed or becoming regular monthly financial partners with us! No gift is too small or too large! If everyone does what the Lord tells them to do, we will get this done. Whether you can support us with $1, $5, $10, $25, $50, $100, $500, $1,000 a month or more, your gift is important to us.

We believe we are good ground. We pray over our partners and their gifts. We believe for everyone who gives to us, God will pour out His richest blessings to you. If you believe in us, then please prayfully consider investing your finances into this ministry. Be a part of reaching people you will probably never see.

We are believing the Word of God! He has spoken to us that our move to NJ will be paid for supernaturally! We are believing Him for that and much more. Would you consider being one of our trusted financial partners?

You may give by sending a check made payable to Jere Peterson Ministries, 7887 S 95th E Ave, Tulsa, OK 74133. You may also go to our secure website and give online at:

You may want to ask your pastor to consider giving to our ministry as well, as your missionaries to NJ/NYC. We would love to have churches/ministries and others in the Body of Christ to join us in going after the harvest, as some already have.

 Thank You!

 Kim and I thank you for being such great friends to us! We cherish our relationship with you and look forward to that becoming stronger in the days ahead. Thank you for believing in us! We appreciate your prayers and support!

As we launch out following God, let me encourage you to obey what He is speaking to you. You are here on the earth with a purpose, He has a plan for you, and all you have to do is to obey His plan! Kim and I want you to live in the fulfillment and satisfaction of knowing you are obeying God!

We will be sharing more news with you as we proceed further. Thank you for loving us!

Headed to New Jersey,

Jere & Kim Peterson
President/Founder JPM