The Year of the Impossible Becoming Possible: Miracles Start Now

January 2018

Dear Friend,

Happy New Year! No matter how 2017 was for you, I am expecting God to give you a even better 2018. Yes, I said an even better 2018, let that sink in. Say it to yourself, I will have an even better 2018! So, no matter where you are today, this place is not where you will be at the end of this year. You will be in an even better place than you are now!

With this in mind, let me share with you a Word, God put in my spirit the other day. This is a Word for all of us for 2018. Are you ready? Here it is!

The Year of the Impossible Becoming Possible:
Miracles Start Now

No matter where you are now, no matter how 2017 treated you, this year, 2018 is The Year of the Impossible Becoming Possible and Miracles Start Now! This means that starting right now, God is willing, able, and desiring to take you to a better place. A place that will enrich you, prosper you, heal you, restore you, save you, and deliver you. For that to happen, Miracles Start Now for you!

The Word of God is full of stories where God intervened and brought about miracles in the lives of people, just like you and me. He did not pick and chose, but He sought out those who had a heart for Him. He looked in to the lives of those people, who were using their faith and believed God, whenever everything else said not to.

Where ever you are at today, this year is for you! It is the year of impossibilities becoming not only possible, but seeing them manifest in your life, starting today! Are you ready to receive what you have been waiting for? Are you believing for a miracle today? Today is your day! Say this, today I receive my miracle from God!

How do I Receive a Miracle From God?

To receive a miracle from God is not hard, in fact, God had made it easy for us. Here is all we need to do to see God bring a miracle into full manifestation in our lives:

1. Hear a Word from God-this can be a direct Word from the Spirit of God, it can be a Word from us reading the Bible, or a Word that comes through someone or something else. God can speak to us in a variety of ways, but we must hear when He speaks to us. Study John 10:1-20 and you will be encouraged to position yourself to hear a Word from God.

2. Believe the Word You Hear from God-this is not hard, you will either believe or not believe what God speaks to you. If you are struggling with this, then read the Bible, specifically those scriptures that speak to your situation. When you believe with a child like faith, miracles will happen quickly. Why is a child like faith important, because there is no unbelief in a child’s faith. Get rid of your doubts and believe God!

3. Have actions that show your faith-some call these corresponding actions. Your actions, once you hear and obey the Word God speaks to you, determines your outcome. So, no matter what God speaks, hear and obey! If you are believing, then your faith will be tested by the enemy, and you will get to show God and those around you, who you choose to believe! Believe God now, and watch your miracle come now! Let your actions speak to the world, that you chose to believe God. Start praising Him that it is finished, that your faith possesses what He said, so since He said it, it is settled, the Word is true, God cannot lie, so shout out some praise, thanking Him for the miracle you need now! Praise Him and enter into His rest!!!

Once you have done these 3 things, and have entered into His rest through praising Him, it will not take long to see the full manifested miracle from God! Do not let anyone or anything tell you it cannot or will not happen. Instead, step out on the water as God directs, and let Him walk you down a path full of miracles! Remember, every impossibility to you, is an opportunity for God!

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